Saturday, November 15, 2014

Rough Time?

Some of you are experiencing what you perceive to be a rough time.  I could say that you are amazing and by nature of you being a human being, you posses abundant resilience and limitless potential.  It would be a completely accurate statement, whether you could see it from your current point of view, or not.

Instead of just that simple but true statement, I will pass along a few thoughts that have been offered to me throughout my journey, in hopes that they will offer you solace on this day, and all days to come. Even though we are not sitting face to face, I hope that these words will have a positive impact on your life.

I have found that, when viewed in retrospect, the situations which were perceived as the most challenging, actually carried with them a much greater benefit. 

Whether it be a point of personal growth, removing something / someone from your life that was hindering you in some way, or a directional indicator for your path. Try to look at the situation through the lens of “Life is Happening FOR me” and not “TO me”. Ask yourself, How can this situation best benefit me or someone I care about? How can I grow from this?

Maybe this situation/s is to prepare you for something coming down the road, or to give you more compassion for others who are going through something similar. Whatever the reason/s, moving forward with the expectancy that it is for your greater good will key in your RAS (Reticular Activating System) to look for the benefit, and you will be more likely to see the benefit when it presents itself.

Another factor is to look at the underlying cause of stress and pain. Fear is the primary cause of all pain. It is living in either the past or the future, and not fully accepting the reality of, or maintaining awareness of, the present moment. 

There is nothing to fear. The past no longer exists and can not harm you. The future is imagined and most of the negative outcomes people imagine never actually come to pass. Those imaginings living in this moment just drain the present of it's power and strength. 

Whenever you feel pain coming on ask yourself, “What do I fear?” and then remember that you are limitless love and only good – in all it's many manifestations - can come to you when you live from this place. 

So, whatever the perceived challenge or rough time is, try shifting your perspective and always remember that, in fact, YOU ARE AMAZING.  

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