Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Even Small Steps Are Still Steps

WELCOME TUESDAY!!!  (and every day) 
Welcome Tuesday with a ROAR, not a whimper. Move forward with your life. Even in the slightest step, you are still making progress, as long as it is in the direction of what you desire. Don't wait!  No one is going to show up on your doorstep with a suitcase full of opportunity to acknowledge how talented you are. I've been guilty of that for years. "I'm talented so people are going to notice and give me the opportunities that I desire… Right?" They DO notice and then say something to the effect of, "Wow! You are so amazingly talented. I had no idea. Good for you."  It IS appreciated but... Now what?  In this life, yes, you will get the occasional opportunity handed to you, but for the most part, YOU have to make your own opportunities.

Make EVERY DAY your today of action.  Don’t squander this gift of time that you’ve been given.  Each day YOU decide who you are by your thoughts and your execution of those thoughts, in the form of actions, will determine who you become.  In the meantime, treat your life like there is no such thing as tomorrow because, in fact, there isn’t.  Don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow never gets here.  It becomes today upon our arrival to it. All you ever have is THIS moment, NOW, TODAY.  Today IS yesterday’s tomorrow, so make TODAY your TODAY OF ACTION. 

Again, EVEN SMALL STEPS ARE STILL STEPS toward your goal.  Just do something. . . TODAY.

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