Monday, September 17, 2012

What Is Sexy?

A few years ago I received an email from a female friend in her early 20's - who I had know for a few years - with recent photographs of herself, asking me, “Am I sexy now?” Intellectually I knew what her ego desired to hear. I decided to respond with what I felt that her heart and soul needed to hear more. She responded with tears of joy and asked me to share what I had written with others. Below is an excerpt from the email I sent her. It was the first blog I ever posted back in 2006, so I thought republishing it now would be a perfect way to kickoff this new blog. I genuinely hope you enjoy it, and that it can be nourishing to your heart. 

"Sexy is an attitude.  If not now, one day you will walk with more confidence and understand - and accept - your own attractiveness.  The more you realize this, the more confident and comfortable you will become with yourself.  That comfort is, in itself, a type of sexiness that only you can attain for yourself, through confidence in who you are as a person.  I hope that makes since.  If it doesn't now, it will one day.   

The more you grow as a person, the sexier you will become.  There is one key to that statement: Your heart has to grow along with the other parts of you.  We all possess some level of “Surface Beauty” and the confidence that comes along with that, but it is fleeting and temporary.  Even so, we all cling to and strive for it.  I am no exception.  But the key to being truly beautiful and truly sexy is to have a real awareness of the beautiful person that we are within.  Of course, you have to realize that there IS a really beautiful person in there.  

So, with that said, you have to continue to work on the person that you are to the core of yourself and your being.  Work on your Character: Integrity, having a strong moral fiber that intertwines throughout your entire foundation, and having an awareness and acknowledgement of the significance of others.  These are just a few things that make up your Character.  

Other than that, I think Sexy comes from: that sparkle in the eye of someone who truly loves themselves and others around them.  It is found in a smile that lights up the room and a genuine effervescence that bubbles out in the form of laughter from having a great sense of humor (and the ability to laugh at yourself!).  It lies in a gentle touch and warm caress of someone who possesses a nurturing spirit.  It is found in the arms of the person you love.  It is found in giving pleasure to the person you long to be with.  It is, in the midst of a deep kiss, breathing in the essence and passion of the person you are with.  It lies in many things, physical, mental and emotional.  Your sexiness is unique to you.  

Sexy is many things to many people.  The important thing is that YOU realize that you are sexy in your own way and you are only getting better as the days go by.  And because the days ARE going by, don’t get caught up in trying to be sexy and attractive to all people.  Just focus on being yourself and growing as a person every day and letting that be sexy to the right person.  

I will end with this: Believe in yourself, get better every day, always strive to be good, learn to be compassionate and forgiving of others and yourself when you mess up (and you will mess up). Love who you are now and who you are becoming.  So, YES you are sexy my friend."

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