Sunday, September 21, 2014

Transform Your Life, the Choice is Yours.

Join me on this journey.  

Watch the video below, listen to the recording once a day for the next 30 days, take actions based on the suggestions, and see how your life will transform for the better.

Your current beliefs about yourself and the world around you are simply thought patterns.   They may have been established as a young child, or somewhere along your life path.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, they were and are a choice.  The beauty of this is, now that you are aware of it, you can step forward into your own power, by choosing the thoughts that will yield the life you desire.

Thoughts govern beliefs, and both lend to the words you choose, which leads to your actions and habits that determine your character, and ultimately result in the life you live.

While it may have been true in high school physics, that substances, which take a long time to heat up also take a long time to cool down, the mind is different.  Transforming a belief that has been there for a very long time can, in fact, change in an instant.

Because everything you believe is governed by your thoughts and they are governed by your choices, you can choose to shift your thoughts and therefore shift your beliefs.  As a result, you will transform your life.  It only takes an instant, if you will choose it. 

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