Thursday, March 13, 2014

You are the stardust on the wings of angels

Who are we, if not stardust on the wings of angels?

Our dreams are given to us for a purpose.  Our destiny is planted in our hearts, echoing in the recesses of our minds.  It calls out to us in our still moments and longs to be birthed.  Heed the call, when you hear the faint whisper, and it will become the loudest of roars, settling peacefully in the center of your soul, and permeating your existence.

Your life will give meaning to others.  Your connection to this ever growing puzzle of light will be made clear, as you step faithfully into your purpose.  Consciously get to know the love that is within you, within others, and flowing through this world, and realize that their separateness is an illusion.

If anything I write, do or have done, inspires you, moves you in any way, or “impresses” you, please look at it as a reflection of your own limitless potential.  We are all simply and magnificently human, and what we decide to do with this experience, in each moment, is a choice.

The perception is that there is an ebb and flow to everything.  Our existence can seem to seesaw, in that the manifestation of our amazing gifts will, at times, seem to dwarf that of others and at other times, theirs will seem to dwarf our own. This is a symptom of the illusion.  We all possess the potential for the greatness we see in others, and for more than we could ever imagine, from our current perspective. 

We are all playing a part in the existence and the experience of others.  You have, within you, a miracle for someone else.  You are a miracle for someone.  Be open to allowing yourself to be that for everyone you come in contact with, and you will be.  Like individual kernels of popcorn exploding under the heat of the lamp, so will the sparks of inspiration be in the hearts and souls of each individual you encounter. 

“Set yourself on fire and people will come from miles around to watch you burn.” - unknown. 

Let your “fire” be that of passion, love and inspiration, and then observe how you will automatically light the “fire” in others.  Actively do this and watch how your life takes flight.  You are the angel that someone needs today, and your love is the stardust that illuminates his or her way.  Since you are the potential of love personified, so then are you the stardust on the wings of angels. 

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