Sunday, December 9, 2012


We live in such an amazing country at an amazing time in history.  I know it's a simple pleasure, but we have the ability to go to the store and buy food that we didn't have to grow, make, or do much work to acquire.  Again, I know it is something that most of us take for granted on a daily basis (multiple times throughout the day actually) but maybe we should spend a lot more time reflecting on the simple things that we are blessed with, and have been for so long that we have taken them for granted our entire lives.  So, before you thoughtlessly inhale your next meal, take a pause, study the food you are about to eat and think of everything it took for it to reach your plate.  Think of everything that you did not have to do for it to be there.  Think of all of the men, women and business involved in the process and be thankful for all of it.  Let that be a seed of thankfulness that bleeds over into the rest of your life.  Take a pause each moment to count another blessing that you have, perhaps, taken for granted in the past.  Awareness of the abundance that you already have in your life will put you in a state that will ultimately draw more of that abundance to you. Have a great night my friends. I am grateful for you (AND the Trader Joe’s pizza I just ate!)

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